Angelica is a former Triad Toys Otaku Blonde, and she's wearing VTS outfits.


neo-go neck part

The neck piece on a Volks Neo-EB-Go body breaks easily sometimes,
so this is what I do to replace it. All  you need is a regular paper clip~!
It's just a simple procedure as shown in the photos.
It's much easier in this way if you keep exchanging the heads on the same body. :-)


Bellatrix is a former TTL CG action figure.
Armor Set: Triad Toys.

I got this TTL CG figure 'cause it was absolutely beautiful in their product images, but...man, the head was not as good as I expected it to be in person. There were so many blemishes on the face that it took a long time to prepare the surface of the head before starting to repaint. The lower jaw and lips are not straight, so I had to be careful about painting her lips. Anyway, I think she turned out pretty well. :-)  The Triad Toys armor parts were moving around as I was struggling to tie them up.  So I had to use double-sided tape to have them stay on the body. :)



Oliver is a former Volks Neo-Go-03.
He's wearing outfits from a 1/6 scale action figure set. :)


Torrey Pines

오랜만에 바다를 보고 왔습니다. 1시간 정도 하이킹을 하고 
바닷가를 걸었는데 시원한 바람. 지평선 너머 끝없이 펼쳐진 바다.......
밀려오는 파도 소리... 아장아장 걷는 갈매기...
신나게 물놀이를 하는 사람들...모래 피라미드를 짓고 있는 사람...
하이킹은 저질체력 때문인지 1시간이 넘어가니 다리가 후들후들....
파도와 함께 밀려드는 차가운 물에 발이 닿으니 시원하더군요. ^^
더운 여름 건강히 보내시길~! 전 올 여름도 어어컨 없이 버텨내고 있습니다. ^^;



A former Mattel Barbie Collector Basics Ken
Model #15 - Collection #2

Alberto has blue eyes with a hint of hazel and auburn hair. :)