Angelea is a former Takara Neo Blythe Simply Vanilla doll.
OOAK Repaint by KMIRO J.K.
Dress/Hat by KYE.



Emily is a former Obitsu 01 (27HD-F01NC18/Flesh Skin Color).



Charlize is a former MH Lagoona Blue doll.
OOAK Repaint by KMIRO J.K.
Red Dress by KYE.





Andrea is a former Volks Neo-Go-03/Natural Skin/Black Hair.
OOAK Repaint by KMIRO J.K.



Chloe is a former Obitsu 01/Pink Hair/Natural Skin.


WonderCon Anaheim 2013

The WonderCon 2013 took place at Anaheim Convention Center for three consecutive days, and
it was not as crowded as I expected it to be. However, the registration desks were not well organized, and some of us had to wait in a long line until they rearranged their system of some sort. It was disappointing that there were no major promotions from entertainment/film/gaming industries for this event. Having said that, they do offer a number of programs/discussions about animated films & tv series and you may find WonderCon enjoyable if you love comic books. :-)
며칠 전 다녀온 원더콘 애나하임 2013 사진들입니다.
7월에 열리는 코믹콘에 비해 볼거리가 많지 않아서 아쉽더군요.  배지 픽업하는 곳은 어수선한 분위기였고 긴 줄에서 기다려야 하는 사람들도 꽤 많았죠. 나중에서야 다시 줄들을 재정비하긴 했지만... 여하튼 코믹북을 좋아한다면 관련 프로그램들도 많이 있고  인파로 붐비거나 하지 않아서 여유롭게 즐길 수 있는 점이 좋았습니다.  ^^

A WonderCon 2013 Program book and a badge are all I've got from this event,
and here they are~!
이 날 받아온 프로그램 책자와 배지... 이 것이 전부....... ^.^;