" Bolt " Disney/2008

can't wait to see this one~! ^^


* original head:

* removed facial paint:

* resculpted (sanding/applying resin)

* repainting in progress:

* finished work:

* Note: His face is 100% hand-painted. No decals. :)


Hot Toys Joker

1/6 Hot Toys 12" The Dark Knight
Collector's Edition "The Joker" action figure
Wow! I was really impressed by the superior quality of this figure from Hot Toys. I actually hesitated about removing the original facial paint! The head sculpt is unique (it doesn't quite resemble the late Heath Ledger because it was done before the film was released), and the outfits are superb! ^^b I can't wait to see the second version of The Joker from Hot Toys in December~!