Summer Days

110도의 미칠듯한 더위가 계속되다 오늘은 시원한 바람과 함께 80도 안팎..... 정말 너무 상쾌합니다.  선선한 날씨가 지속되는 시애틀 지역에 사시는 분들이 부러워지는 여름입니다...^^;


Michael Jackson

I opened up the back of his head as soon as I took him out of the box...
but it was not easy to pull the eye mechanism out of the head
since the opening was too small and the eye sockets were holding it too tightly.
After struggling with a plier, it came out in 2 pieces,
so I had to fix it as shown in the photo above.
The epoxy glue seems to work best on small parts/areas.
Anyway, I placed this back into the head after repainting the face, but it turned out
that the eye focus levels were different!! So I had to re-do the same process
a couple of times...man, the eye mechanism could be much better...
It has dents here and there though I managed to fix the balance b/w the pupils. ^^;



This is the eye mechanism for Alice: a former Takara Simply Guava Blythe doll.